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St. Nicholas’ Churchyard has been a place of Christian burial for nearly 900 years. It is a very special and peaceful place. All plots in the churchyard remain in the ownership of the church and therefore it is the responsibility of the Parochial Church Council to ensure that they are suitably maintained. To this end the PCC is extremely grateful to the Churchyard Maintenance Team for their care of and attention to the Churchyard.

So that the Churchyard remains a pleasant and safe area for all to enjoy we would like to remind everyone of the Rules and Regulations laid down by the Diocese of Chester.

The Churchwardens, acting on behalf of the PCC, will carry out an inspection of the Churchyard in March and any items contrary to the Rules and Regulations will be respectfully removed and placed by the West door awaiting their removal from the Churchyard. If after a period of two months any items are left they will be disposed of accordingly.


If you wish to tend a grave in the churchyard please:


* Plant spring and autumn bulbs on a grave if you wish in a position adjacent to the headstone. If you need assistance with this, please contact us. Remember that the leaves and flowers may be mown in the ordinary course of churchyard maintenance.

* Place cut flowers arranged in metal or stone vases on the memorial plinth or in a sunken container close to the headstone so as not to impede a mower when not containing flowers. Seasonally appropriate silk and other good quality artificial flowers are permitted but not plastic.

* Place natural flower wreaths on a grave.

* Speak to us BEFORE you make any arrangements for a headstone or memorial.


* Plant shrubs or trees on a grave.

* Place plastic flowers or non-organic items (e.g. teddy bears, pictures) on a grave.

* Put stone chippings or stones over or around a grave.

* Use kerbs, railings, posts or chains and similar items to enclose a grave as these would impede a mower.

* Use glass, ceramic or plastic containers as these are easily broken and can become very dangerous.


The ground in some areas is very uneven and, over time, graves can become uneven. Please take care.

The Churchyard Regulations are available in full on the diocesan website.

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