Online Resources

Please find below services and sermons for St. Nicholas' Church for you to access at home.

Sunday 2nd August

Sunday 2nd August service

Sunday 2nd August evensong

Sunday 26th July

Sunday 26th July service

Sunday 19th July

Sunday 19th July service

Sunday 12th July

Sunday 12th July service

Sunday 5th July

Sunday 5th July service

Sunday 5th July evensong

Sunday 28th June

Sunday 28th June service

Sunday 21st June

Sunday 21st June service

Sunday 14th June

Sunday 14th June service

Trinity Sunday (Sunday 7th June)

Trinity Sunday service

Trinity Sunday evensong

Pentecost (Sunday 31st May)

Pentecost service

Sunday 24th May

Sunday 24th May service

Sunday 17th May

Sunday 17th May service

Sunday 10th May (VE Day service)

Sunday 10th May service

Sunday 3rd May

Sunday 3rd May service

Sunday 3rd May sermon

Sunday 3rd May evensong

Sunday 26th April

Sunday 26th April service

Sunday 26th April sermon

Sunday 19th April

Sunday 19th April service

Sunday 19th April sermon

Easter Sunday (12th April)

Easter Sunday service

Easter Sunday sermon

Good Friday (10th April)

Good Friday meditation

Maundy Thursday (9th April)

Maundy Thursday service

Palm Sunday (5th April)

Palm Sunday service

Palm Sunday sermon

Palm Sunday evensong

Sunday 29th March

Sunday 29th March service

Sunday 29th March sermon

Mothering Sunday (22nd March)

Mothering Sunday service

Mothering Sunday sermon